Review of J.Cole’s “KOD” album

Hello World!  Well, I finally  had a chance to sit down and listen to the whole J.Cole KOD album. The King of Rap  has come back in BIG form with this album, rapping about the current state of rap and its obsession with drugs. He badly disses Lil Pump and all mumble rappers on the track, “1985”. This is a solid album with a heck of a lot of meaning and bars. Yes, definitely a contender for album of 2018, even if it’s still early, considering Drake, Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, and Kanye are all releasing projects this year. I’m not sure anyone can top Cole’s brilliance but I’m also excited for all those contenders. J.Cole has this power to make you listen and just get yourself daydreaming about the words he’s speaking. When I was listening to “Window Pains” recently, I was playing FIFA 18 too, and I completely lost my focus on the video game…believe that!!…I just stared into the TV, fixated on this spot on the screen, just lost in the song like a zombie. His voice is crisp and his lyrics are powerful; he doesn’t need MurdaBeatz or Metro booming to make a killer beat. His lyrics and mic presence is better than any producer you’ll find, period. I really enjoyed this album although I still think it can’t top Forest Hills Drive, in my opinion the best album he’s put out and in the top 5 of all time, this is a close contender. I want to hear more of “Everybody Dies” and “False Prophets”. If Cole was to release an album sounding more like those, it would top FHD. Nevertheless KOD is an absolute banger of an album, and if you ask me for a rating out of 10, I’m giving it a 9, hands down. If it had 2 or 3 more tracks and some more aggressive J.Cole-type songs, then for me it would be a perfect 10. Cole has made another amazing project and I’m proud I’ve been a fan since “Friday Night Lights”. I’ve seen and heard him grow so much and become the greatest rapper of his generation. Thank you for getting this far lol and if you have any opinions or thoughts, comment or email us. We would be very interested to hear your thoughts. Send a word, and….Cheers!

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