5 Fashion Icons To Look Up To

Hello World,

Here at RCCozy, we’d like to talk about some fashion icons I look up to, and a few Wilson would agree with, and maybe some of you guys as well.  I can name a whole bunch of fashion icons, but I won’t right now because that would take a long time lol. Today I’m just going to talk about 5 that I really look up to, and maybe some of you guys too. They’re all fairly well known, because they are always out there slaying, and of course because of their career fame. The icons coming up include some rappers, but I also have some athletes as well. Now let’s get to it.
5. Conor McGregor   He is one of the icons to look up to because you can’t deny the fact that this guy looks amazing in a suit, but he also has a very good sense of casual wear. He can really just pull any one of his outfits off. I recommend that you not be afraid to steal some of his styles, and add a little twist of yourself in there.
 4G-Eazy   I recommend G-Eazy because of the fact that he slays all the time. His style is mixed, with some modern and vintage fashion that makes it overall really cool. Personally I like to steal a few of his styles but put my own touch to it. His style is so great because it’s really simple and clean, so it’s not much of a risk to give a try.
3. Kid Cudi   His style is really unique and cool. His style is so great because it is also very simple. I consider him an icon because he doesn’t have to try too hard to slay. Also not much of a risk to try.
2. David Beckham   He is another amazing fashion icon to look up to because this guy also looks amazing in anything he wears. Beckham looks great in a suit and also looks great in casual wear. His style is really one to look up to because he can pull off so many different styles, from the biker look to a somewhat skater look and of course to a formal look. Also very simple and easy to steal, so just give it a try. I really recommend it. But don’t forget to add your own unique touch.
1. ASAP Rocky   Keep the best for last, right? This guy here is my personal favourite fashion icon. He is my favourite because his style is always so on point no matter what. Whether he is wearing track pants or even wearing a suit, it really doesn’t matter because he is slaying in it. This guy’s fashion is really one to follow because it is so diverse. I’ve personally stolen a lot of his styles and really loved them, and I’ll continue to take more, to be honest. Don’t worry, I add my own little touch to the outfits; I’m not a complete copy cat lol. I really recommend you try some of his styles because they’re all so great and I feel a lot of you will enjoy his fashion just as much as Wilson and I do.
I could talk about ASAP Rocky’s fashion all day because it really is that great, but I know you guys don’t want to hear about that all day lol. Let’s be clear, I really like all the others’ fashion style, but ASAP Rocky has always been my favourite fashion icon, and rapper, since I heard of him in 2009. I really love the other 4 guys’ fashion too, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t waste my time talking about them. Anyways, don’t forget to go check out all 5 of these icons when you’re selecting your outfits. Yes of course there are more fashion icons to talk about… maybe we’ll look at a few more another time.
ASAP Rockyasapasapflackocopilot-style-201412-1418248516739_04-asap-rocky-style
Don’t forget: “Stay Cozy”!

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