High Park Adventure



A couple of Sunday mornings ago, all I wanted to do was just sleep in, but Maegan…forcefully!…woke me up so we could do a nice Sunday walk in High Park.  Hiking and walking around the park is always such a great time, and there’s always a nostalgic feeling because I remember going down there for many school trips and retreats.  I hadn’t been on a hike in a long time, so doing a nice Sunday walk with the lady I love, and my niece and my good buddy, Seb, was a great little adventure.  There is so much beauty and simplicity in the world, and we have to keep finding and holding on to it, because with so much disaster and sadness in the world too, doing simple things like a walk in the park helps us remember the beauty of the world and the happiness it brings us.

We did the labyrinth in the park, just a little local remake of the one in Chartres Cathedral in France.  The four of us quietly walking the labyrinth with just our thoughts and the sound of our shoes dragging against the concrete was a peaceful and good moment. That’s why the labyrinth is there, for meditation and reflection, and we made good use of it. Then we headed over to the Grenadier restaurant for brunch. When you walk or hike around High Park, breakfast or lunch at the Grenadier is a must. Good people, a nice little joint, and good food for a fair price. We enjoyed our meal, and then we were off to continue the walk around the park.  We walked on and off the trails, and made a few of our own too, lol, and found some really nice spots for pictures. We walked down towards Colborne Lodge, where John G. Howard and his wife lived most of their lives, and died. The Howards donated their farm and home to the city, giving us High Park.

 I told Seb and the girls the stories and legends my Grade 8 teacher used to tell us about the lodge, about how it is haunted by the ghost of Jemima Howard, who, people say, looks down from the window in her bedroom, awaiting her husband. We then walked more trails until we came to Grenadier pond. I told everyone the story of the three soldiers who fell into the ice of the pond over 200 years ago, and about the folk legend that on some cold dark nights some sort of phantom rider can be seen on the pond, maybe looking for the men who drowned. All we know is that some have said they hear the neigh of a horse, and galloping, and the cracking of the ice….


Well, there is some cool and interesting stuff to learn about and see at the park, from peaceful labyrinths to haunted houses. All reasons why I always love going down there.  It was a fantastic few hours spent with good people including the woman I love, with some good exercise thrown in.  I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my little experience, and that you’ll continue to follow Life and Times, as we here at RCCozy continue to set off on adventures and good times. Make sure to follow me on IG at _wilsoncarreiro, and follow RCCozy. The link should be easy to find!  Have a good one, and remember: Stay COZY!

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