Is ADIDAS winning the Sneaker Game ?

Is ADIDAS winning the sneaker game?

For the last couple of years it seems to us at RCCozy that Adidas just keeps dropping the hottest and most hyped sneakers in the game. From Yeezys to Stan Smiths, Adidas looks like they have the coziest sneakers for us sneakerheads, and everyone in general, with such a great selection in colours, comfort and look. Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse, New Balance, Puma.…are the leaders among affordable sneakers. But here’s the thing: although my personal favourite sneaker is Vans, I can’t deny the fact that Adidas is leading the sneaker game. Yeezys are the most hyped shoe in the world, hands down, and the shoe almost everyone craves, because of their rarity, and simply because they are a very nice pair of sneaks, no matter what colour you get. We all do the same thing when we see someone walk by wearing them: we stare, then we talk about the fact that “that” person is wearing them, followed by the “Are they real?” debate. True??!! Then you have NMDs and Ultra Boosts, which are just as desired as the Yeezys. I have the pleasure of owning NMDs and Ultra Boosts and I absolutely love them; they are so comfy and such a joy to the eye; Hey, I know people stare when they see them! The UBs and NMDs have dropped in resale price, except for Human Race NMDs, which are arguably my favourite pair of Adidas sneaks. Although I don’t have them, I’m definitely looking around to get them because they’re extra cozy and would add another flare to my outfits. Adidas also stays strong  with their Stan Smiths. Almost everyone I know has a pair of those in their sneaker rotation or closet. They’re just so classic and just help make outfits look good, especially in the summer. I love wearing my cream bottom Stan Smiths; they have been heavily involved with my outfits this summer so far. At the malls or really anywhere I go, I can’t help not seeing Stans, because they are very fairly priced and very cozy. Alex copped the Inikis back around May and I think I haven’t seen him take them off since. He says they are more comfortable than the NMDs. I agree they are super comfy and look really nice. He has mixed and matched them well with all his outfits. Plus they are pretty decently priced, at around $160 CAD. Adidas also has the Gazelles, which I adore: they look so simple but yet they’re such a great summer sneaker. They are fun and come in cool bold colours. The simplicity is amazing, just black and white, or red and white. I just love them. Simplicity for me is always key, because it looks like you’re not trying to be extra cozy but everyone knows you are, so it gives you a nice feeling.

So what do you guys think? If you don’t agree Adidas is winning the sneaker game,  let us know by commenting or emailing. We’d love to hear your opinions. For me, with the way I dress, Adidas always suits me nice. Adidas I think has the best selection in the sneaker game, hands down, and they all look really good. You know I love Vans to death and they will always be my #1 sneaker, but Adidas sneakers give you that extra freedom to really pick and choose. If you don’t have a pair of Stan Smiths or Gazelles, make sure you add them to your collection.  You’ll love them, I promise.Take care everyone, till next time. Stay cozy always!  And make sure to follow my Instagram @_wilsoncarreiro .

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