Chance The Rapper Concert

Hello World,

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, I realised my dream of seeing my favourite rapper, Chance the Rapper, live, and it  was absolutely amazing, life changing actually. Hearing all my favorite Chance songs live was amazing, and seeing him and The Social  Experiment together, and having my girlfriend experience it with me made it even more  special. Watching the man I’ve listened to on so many long and hard nights (and on plenty of good nights) do those songs live with the band and with no synthesized sounds, made it an incredible experience. The concert wasn’t supposed to happen because of the high water levels on the lake, thanks to all the rain we’ve been having in the 6 these days. It was pushed from the 24th to the 30th…but we got there!! The concert was absolutely sold out, at 15000; a lot of people wanted to see this man. He usually performs at TD Echo Beach which only holds 5000, so this was a big venue for my boy Chance. The opening acts were good, only two guys, King Louie and DJ Oero,I loved DJ Oero. He really put us in the mood for the show. 


The concert almost didn’t happen because Chance had to go from Toronto to Montreal to Boston to Seattle and back to  Toronto, all because of that rain. I’m  so glad he tried so hard because I finally got to see him. The last couple of times he was here I couldn’t make it. This time I wasn’t  going to miss it!!….and so I’m so glad Maegan surprised me with tickets. The atmosphere in there was absolutely  beautiful, everyone singing and cheering a great man along, everyone  enjoying rap that wasn’t all about bitches,  money, drugs and killing. I loved when he had the choir backing  him up; that was really nicely done. This whole concert was absolutely beautifully done, from the pyro to the confetti. If you want to have a great time and​ make a day out of it, with your girl or your friends, the next time Chance is in your city, go out and get yourself some tickets. Maegan and I made a good day out of it. We left early and explored the south part of our downtown core, something I hadn’t done before. We walked around, grabbed a Starbucks, and just talked about how excited we both were for this concert.When we got inside the venue, right away we lined up for some new Chance merchandise, and we got a nice sweater, tee, and a new dad hat. My heart was ticking as the hour approached for me to see my idol perform. In the hour and a half or so that he performed all the worries and anxiety I had vanished, and I think the other 14,999 felt the same way. It was a night I would like to relive every night because it was like therapy: it was that good. This blog post, the pictures and the videos will always at least give me back a piece of that nightI asked Maegan what she thought, and here’s what she said: “Chance the Rapper was a pleasant surprise in my opinion. I am personally not as huge a fan as Wilson is when it comes to rap, so I mostly went and bought those tickets for him to enjoy because I know how much Chance means to him and the impact Chance has had on his life. The opening acts were great at putting out a good spread of music, mostly rap but they threw in an Adele song randomly which definitely softened the mood. As the sun set everyone was very eager to finally get to see Chance. The concert was sold out, which must mean he is a great artist. When he finally came out, the crowd roared; it was a moment you can’t explainEveryone was gathered there to share their love for the same artist. The vibe in the air was so positive and full of the happiness that Chance himself gives people. Whenever you go to a concert to see any artist or band, the first moment you lay eyes on them just puts a smile on your face. Chance came out in a way I never expected: he came out on a minibike, and as it crashed fireworks shot out. It was amazing.  The concert just kept getting better and better. Surprisingly, I knew many of the songs. I personally don’t know all of his songs, but they are catchy, and you can tell that each song tells a story, represents something, or has a meaning associated with it. They can have a very happy vibe where all you want to do is jump up and down and smile, but also have a deeper meaning or you know there is some hard time associated with the song. It was a concert that I know I will never forget, there was never a dull moment. Chance came to Toronto and absolutely killed it. Being a girl who is not a huge fan of rap and is more of a country music style girl, I would a hundred percent recommend a Chance concert. From the start all the way to the end, the opening acts were great, the stage presence was fantastic and Chance was amazing. There is something about his voice that can seriously make anyone smile, I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time. Wilson had a smile the entire time, as soon as Chance came out and the moment he saw Chance for the first time is a moment worth every single penny. It was his idol, getting to experience his love for his favourite artist with him was the ultimate reward.”


Chance,the woman i love and vans all in one place something amazingly romantic about that especially if you know me.I’ll definitely see him again when he comes again, Plus we killed it always too cozy.I Love that Chance sweater and it matched those custom ripped H&M jeans thanks to Alex and those classic white old skool vans so once again those white vans experience another coming of age moment and another life experience with me. Those shoes still have more great nights to come.Thanks for reading this far lol, Stay Cozy and Be Encouraged ! 


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