Vans, My Favourite Shoe Brand


Hello World ,

I’ve been in love with this skate brand for a while and I fall more and more in love with it as the seasons go by.  I usually stick with the classic Old Skools, the Authentics and have a couple of Sk8 highs. My favourites have to be the classic Old Skool Vans, and I’ve made sure to get them nice and dirty, especially the white pair. I’ve created a life story with my vans:  my white Old Skools have been there in some of the most amazing and upsetting parts of my life this last year. They have been a part of some fantastic nights, and have completed a lot of looks, especially the ripped jean and rock band tee look, a favourite recently. That look has become ever so popular these days, and it’s because it just looks so damn good. But I wear my Vans with absolutely everything lol: chinos, dress pants, Adidas training pants, jeans, shorts…. I use them for skateboarding, and I use them for everyday use. They are simply a very versatile pair of shoes and I love them so much that I’m actually trying to build a collection of them. You can go so many colour ways, and so many funky and fun ways, like those boom box ones or my Super Nintendo ones.  Alex and I love wearing vans because they finish so many outfits and add that extra pop and coolness to the duds we throw on. I can’t go into any Van store without purchasing something!  I just love this brand so much. Don’t get me wrong; I love Converses, Prestos, NMDs, Ultraboosts, Gucci sneaks, etc.… but Vans just have that little something over the rest that make them  my favourite brand.


Ever since High School most of the good and bad memories I have include a pair of Vans. The day I went to the hospital because I had appendicitis I was wearing blue Authentics , and the day I met my girlfriend I was wearing my favourite pair of white Old Skools. That says something about her! These shoes continue to accompany me everywhere.  I know, just because they have been a shoe that has sentimental value to me doesn’t mean you guys should go out and buy a pair. But I do think every man or woman’s shoe selection should include at least one pair of Vans, not for my sentimental value, but because they look so fucking nice!! (excuse my French lol)  I see a lot of people these days rocking those low cut black Old Skool Vans, but I’ve been rocking those way long ago! I’ve always known how cool they are and I love to see others rock them too, and mix and match them in their own way. I love to see how different people use their Vans: gives me ideas and helps me see what others are up to, fashion- wise. I love a classic blank white shirt, even a blank white tee, with some black jeans (ripped or not) and some low cut black Old Skools. Just looks fire!  A nice graphic tee with black sweat shorts and some Sk8 highs is a cozy look for those hot summer days.


There is just no way you can hate Vans, dudes:  they make special edition Toy Story sneaks!!! TOY STORY!! That’s my childhood right there! They make Nintendo special editions! They have a collab with Odd Future and I love them so much. My Van idol, Tyler the Creator, always has the freshest Vans.  I hope to reach his Van collection level!  My passion for Vans won’t stop and I won’t stop buying Vans until I have 100 pairs!!! Thanks for reaching this far into my post lol…and thanks for continuing to read and support our dream here at RCCOZY.  Much Love to Everyone, until the next time. Stay cozy always. Make sure to follow 

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