My Top 7 Rappers

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I’d like to give you guys a top 7 list of my personal favourite rappers at the moment.  But first, just a little background on rap and how it has influenced me and motivates me.
Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved listening to rap. Growing up, I loved 50 cent and Eminem. I would put “Get Rich or Die Tryin” by 50 cent in my brother’s Sony CD Walkman, and listen to the album over and over again as I played FIFA 2003 on my PS2. During the rougher days of my childhood, I’d listen to Eminem, and the way he’d speak and the way he’d represent himself in his music sunk deep into me. I just loved so much listening to a person who had gone through some very serious stuff, and been able to incorporate it in his music. I thought that was absolutely amazing. Listening to “Hailie’s song” or “In da club” gives me such strong nostalgia right to this day. My heart races, my nostrils flare up, my eyes wander and my mind travels back to a time when things were so much different. All those bad, ugly, happy and good feelings come back in those few minutes when I listen to those songs. Music gives us that strength we didn’t think we had, it gets us amped for that soccer game, it picks us up when we’re down, it speaks to us when no one else will. It’s there for us during the tough and the ugly, but it’s also there during the good times. We can interpret each song, each rapper, however we want, depending where our heart is at the moment. It’s the songs we blast on those beautiful summer nights in the car, or on those party nights we’ll never forget. We use music for so many different occasions; it’s like a utility player in baseball. So I would like to give you guys a list of the 7 rappers I absolutely can’t go a day without listening to. I listen to many more than just these 7 lol, but these are guys I’ve been really bumping the last year. Here they are, in reverse order.

7 . MadeinTYO

Number 7 was between three contenders, Childish Gambino, Joey Bada$$, or MadeinTYO, but since I wasn’t a big fan of Gambino’s last project and Joey has only been releasing singles, in this spot I put the guy I really fell in love with in the summer of 2016: Mr. Uber Everywhere himself, MadeinTYO! Although he isn’t the most lyrical rapper out there, his energy and catchy and happy-hearted songs make him such a joy to listen to. With funky beats and catchy lyrics this guy’s music just gets stuck in your head. Starting off with his smash hit in February, 2016, “Uber Everywhere” which was remixed by power house rappers like Tory Lanez and Travis Scott, this Altanta-born, Japan-raised rapper really has set himself in the game.Then his debut album “You Are Forgiven” reached 122 on Billboard and then he released “Thank You, Mr.Tokyo”… since the summer of ’16 I haven’t gone a day without jamming out to “Skateboard P”,  definitely the biggest song on the album. I hope to see this dude grow and release many more projects.
I’ve been a huge fan of the whole A$AP mob for a very long time now but Rocky is my favourite, hands down. Since the release of “Purple Swag” in 2011 I’ve been such a huge supporter of Rocky.The fact that he has become a fashion icon and one of the top rappers in the game makes this guy an RCCozy fave for sure. His cockiness and attitude really beat through his music and that’s why I love him. He does what he wants, he says what he wants, and it’s okay because he’s pretty! His music can be powerful and thoughtful like “Suddenly” or “Everyday”, or just a banger like “Peso”. I love all of this guy’s projects. According to reports he has 2 more projects on the way, so we are excited!!

5. Logic

This Maryland-born rapper has been someone whom I’ve been following for a very long time, and he sure spits those bars super quick. Lyrically very intelligent, and moving those words so quickly , he reminds me a lot of Eminem. Logic’s different personas and his freestyling just make him so unique. Even though he is signed to a major label he does and raps about what he wants and that gives him that extra little push for me. I absolutely just love his “Incredible True Story” album; there are some huge songs on that album; my personal favourite is “Young Jesus”. The beat is hard and he just sounds ferocious in this song. This dude has been through so much and he raps about it all, so if you are going through something, or if you just want to listen to good music, or haven’t heard of him yet, check this dude out.


No intro I think is needed for this guy lol! He is one of the most popular rappers in the world and just continues to release fire after fire. Hate him or love him, he makes anthems over and over, and every single song seems to top the charts every time.The fact that he continues to represent this city of ours (TORONTO) so proudly, just gives him that extra little point for me. He can rap or he can slow it down and sing, and does both so well. “Views” was a great album, but my fave Drake album is a toss up between “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” or
“Take Care”. I love the Future and Drake mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive”, which I think is one of the best collections of music I’ve listened to in a while. Drake has his new album, “More Life”, which came out on March 18th.I’ve listened to it but i will comment on it another time, it has some great stuff in there though still unsure were I’d rank it in my fav drake albums.

3.Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar just like Drake I don’t think needs much of an introduction. If you know rap and know good music you know Kendrick is one of the greatest of all time. His music speaks to troubled youth and to all people who love and respect good music. He raps about growing up in one of the toughest cities in North America, Compton, CA. He raps about decisions made, friends lost, girls, violence… and he uses his words so wisely that he has to be one of the the best lyricists in the rap world. Growing up with gangs and drugs is never easy but if you can power through and continue to believe in something special, you can help people who fortunately didn’t grow up with that stuff see the other side of the coin. I love this guy’s stuff so much. I think “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” is for sure one of the top 5 albums of all time.

2. J. Cole

J.Cole continues to show us that making truly good music in this rap era is hard, but he is on a whole new level when it comes to rap. He makes absolutely amazing music. Everything is genuine and from the heart, and he has worked so hard to be the best without selling his soul to the devil, as he says. His smooth lyrics and powerful words make this guy one step above most rappers. My favourite piece of work by this dude is “Forest Hill Drive”, such a powerful album, such a good album. It unfortunately didn’t win a Grammy but maybe that just shows he doesn’t need other big name rappers to boost his work. His music may not be something you get turnt to, but it is something you must have in your playlist. He makes beautiful and fire music, and so he comes in 2nd on my list. Love this guy.

1. Chance the rapper

If you know me you know how much I love Chance. Maybe I’m biased putting him so far up in this list or having him top it lol,  but I’ve been in love with this guy’s stuff since his first mixtape. I’ve seen him grow and grow, kinda like a little child. His music has changed a bit since “10 Days”, his first mixtape. It has more of a focus but it continues to be happy and cheerful. He does have some deep and more depressing stuff, but maybe that’s why i connect with his music; I feel like I understand him fully. Listening to Chance always puts me in a better mood.  His happy-go-lucky ways are just so nice to see. He is still unassigned to a major label and I admire that so much: he doesn’t need any label touting his music so it sells. He worked hard, and unassigned he won a Grammy this year, showing the rap world we don’t need to sell out or make music we don’t enjoy to win Grammys. His album/mixtape “Acid Rap” is my favourite collection of music ever. I love every single song and I listen to them on a daily basis. I know I will continue to see Chance rise and rise in the world of rap, and do it with a happy attitude and fantastic music that isn’t about bitches, hoes, money and expensive cars. If you haven’t listened to this Chicago-born rapper, check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

Some honourable mentions on my list would be Joey Bada$$, Childish Gambino, and Schoolboy Q. These are just my favourite 7 atm.These opinions may change eventually but for now these are my top 7 rappers. Hope you can give them a listen. Cozy tunes!

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